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Prix-Fixe Style of Fine Dining

The Vine offers a delectable seven-course, prix-fixe style of fine dining. The cost  of the seven-course prix-fixe: $89/person. 

We offer somewhat of a modified prix-fixe because we provide 4 distinct choices on three of the courses and any of the courses can also be ordered a la carte. So, though we are advertised as prix-fixe, you may also line order anything off the menu. Incidentally, some dining choices are naturally more expensive than others to prepare but you will never be charged more than the set price of the seven course meal–(unless you order an additional choice inside any of the courses.)

Menu Changes Daily

We post here two recent menus. However, they are only samples of what to expect because the menus change daily, depending on what ingredients are available — fresh, and in-season — AND to create interest for frequent repeat visits by guests staying at Cameo Heights Mansion. You will also note that most courses have a posted price so they can be ordered a la carte.

Current Dining Menu


All of the above menus are subject to change daily and this menu will not always reflect all those changes. The quality of the menu does not change but any individual item on this menu may be replaced by another item of equal or better value. We strive to keep everything fresh, interesting, local, and diverse. If you are staying with us for several days, the menu may change just for you as part of our quest to always have some surprise and intrigue in your dining choices. If you have a special request for some particular entrée, please call us at 509-394-0211 and let’s see if we can accommodate the inclusion of that food in our menu on the night you are visiting.

The price of the prix fixe 7-course menu went up from $79 to $89 on April 27, 2022.  The prices of individual courses, when ordered a la carte, may also have changed. 


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