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You’ve got questions and we have the answers! We tend to get plenty of great questions about dining at The Vine.  Questions that range from: Who is your chef? to What does your menu look like?  We hope to provide complete answers here to your every imaginable question. 

Guests of our restaurant are usually surprised with how good the food is. They usually leave with a question on their mind: How is it that you have such outstanding food in a destination that it 25 miles from any city? The answer to that question is simple:  It is not an accident that we have the best food in Washington state.  We better have. We have the best chef! 

Other Questions to The Owners of The Vine Fine Dining

Are you only open to guests of Cameo Heights Mansion?
The Vine is a public restaurant located on-site of Cameo Heights Manion. It is open to both guests staying at Cameo Heights Mansion Bed and Breakfast and outside guests. All dinners are by reservation. Reservations can be made by phone (509-266-7851) or online through

Are you open every day?
We are open on Monday through Saturday—closed only on Sunday all year long. During the winter months of November to February, The Vine is closed as well on Monday night. 

Is there any food service to guests of Cameo Heights Mansion when the restaurant is closed?
This question has particular application to guests of Cameo Heights Mansion who are staying over on Sunday night. We do offer a range of services when the restaurant is closed. Guests may choose any of the following:

  1. Dine at Waterbrook Winery, open until 5:00pm.
  2. You may use our professional SS Wolf barbeque grill. Bring your own ingredients, we provide the dishes and utensils. (We do not let guests use this grill on the days the restaurant is open.) 
  3. You may purchase some pantry items we stock for your dinner, such as Digiorno and other brands of pizza, We also always have Marie Calendar chicken and beef pot pies.  We have a pizza oven and microwave that guests can use. (We do not offer these to guests on days when the restaurant is open.)
  4. We will sell you a charcuterie plate for two and deliver it to your suite. 

Do you do lunches?
Yes, but they need to be a minimum of eight people at $35 each, or a minimum of $280 for the group. Reservations are required for all lunches.

Is there a menu online?
Our menus change nearly daily, therefore we don’t try to keep a menu online that is current. We do have an sample of seasonal menus that have been featured before. We also post the dinner menu that was used the day before. 

What style of restaurant is “The Vine”?
We are a fine-dining establishment that specializes in a prix-fixe, seven-course menu.  But guests can order any of the courses a la carte. The third, fifth, and sixth courses have three to four options from which to choose.

How much does it cost?
We serve a prix fixe seven-course tasting menu for $79/person. The prices for the individual courses that can be ordered a la carte is printed on the menu. 

Do you offer wine pairings with your dinner?
We have done wine pairings during 4 of the 7 courses in the past and we hope to do it again soon. Our limitation today is that we do not enough servers to make it happen. Someday, soon we hope, things will settle down again after COVID and people will be willing to go back to work and then we will have sufficient servers to reinstitute chef-paired wine pours and sell wine by the glass.  Price was usually $35/person for the 4-course pairing (amuse bouche, appetizer, menu and dessert.)

Do you sell wine?
Yes, we stock over 160 different labels of mostly Walla Walla wines but about 25 are from other very fine Columbia Valley wineries. Check our wine menu for the full selection.

Do you have a corking fee?
Yes, $20 for a 750ml bottle of wine, and double that for a magnum.

Do you sell beer?
Yes, we sell the almost-complete line of micro beers from Ice Harbor Brewery of Kennewick, Washington and many other American and foreign beers. We serve them to you at $4 to $5 / mug.

Do you sell non-alcoholic drinks?
Of course, we have naturally made strawberry lemonades, kiwi limeades, sodas, rich coffees, teas, and all labels of the world-famous Sheffield Ciders from Basin City Washington. 

Do you sell spirits and do you have a bar?
No, we do not have a bar and we do not sell spirits. In fact, since we are not licensed for them, you are not able to bring them in either.

Who is your chef and where did you find him?
Chef Kelly Siner came to The Vine Fine Dining from Redding, California in June 2020 after we engaged in an extensive search for a world-class chef. He has not disappointed in the least. He is indisputably the best chef in Washington. 

Can you handle dietary restrictions?
We are constantly commended for the unusually tasty and creative alternatives provided folks with mild to serious and complicated dietary restrictions, in all cases, provided we are given adequate notice. Always state any dietary restrictions when you book your reservation.

What do you mean by “Luxury Ride and Dine?”
Since we are out of town a few miles, we have a very reasonably priced package, Luxury Ride and Dine, which provides safe and luxury transportation to our guests. Read all the details of this package here.

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